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Orthodoxy and Islam

~ Articles of contemporary orthodox authors ~

Petros VII, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa. "Christianity and Islam in Dialogue"

Fr. John S. Romanides. "Islamic Universalism and the Constitution of Medina"

Fr. Gregory Wirdnam. "William E. Phipps, Muhammad and Jesus: A Comparison of the Prophets and Their Teachings" (review)

Fr. Theodore Pulcini. "Understanding Islam"

Yurij Maximov. "Saints of Orthodox Church, who were converted from Islam"

James G. Jatras. "The Muslim Advance and American Collaboration"

Jerjis T. Alajaji. "A Definitive Reply to Islam"

Petko Todorov. "The New Martyrs of the Bulgarian Nation"

Adrian Lee. "Walter E. Kaegi, Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests" (review)

Athanasios AbdulRahman. "Quran or Qurans?!"

Alexander Golenkov. "Quran and the Bible"

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